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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rooming in wit new people. :)

OKEYH! im already settled in the room that is designated for me. (uhh.... is tht right? 0_O) Room C429. =3 im happy here. well, i got Plan B working. thank goodness i dont have to resolve to Plan C. no offence but i dont think i would be doing my work at home. Home is for leisure and relaxing. not homeworks and stress. ugh. @_@ my new roomates (and temporary roomates are Nurul Aqilah Razak and Nurul Syafiqah). one Tesl girl and one agama girl. not gonna tell who is who. hehehe. both of them are awesomely nice and great. it has my room type of feel to it only in a different room. does that make sense? hmmm. anyway! this room is at the fourth floor. my room is at the third floor at D. haih. so i had to climb another flight of stairs to get to my room. ugh. its okay! i take it as exercise. i almost fell over the fence onece last week coz i was used to going down 3 flights of starirs only. ugh. dunask. ~_~.

thank gawd i realised before i bloke a neck or something. most of my stuff are still at D block. i just brought 5 pairs of formal dresses, 3 pairs of tee shirts and 2 pairs of tracks. a few books. i dont wanna bring alot coz 1. im quite lazy to get the stuffs here and back 2. im scared that my stuff woul fill the room. so yeah. i minimized to the max. hehehehehe. so far i dont think im a nuisance. i sure hope they dont take me as a nuisance. huhu. (>_<) i sure hope that this renovation dont take long. humph. why of all the time!?! @_@

i dont sleep on a bed or anything. i just sleep on a thin piece of sponge bed. hehe. but i layer it with comforter and sleeping bag. so its kinda comfortable. it feels kinda nice tho. haha. im not exacty used to this but, ill survive. hoho. i didnt bring Mina tho. kakak said that it would be 'semak' in the room. (ya know, coz its.. uh... big?) so i just brought cimat and the pillow that East gave. haha. speaking of sleep. i should be doing that now. haha~ no worries!! tomorrow is the assembly in the hall. whereby, we can sit down and sleep. muahaha! pelik? yeah. i know.

ugh. midnite ramblings are the worse. but still the ideas (somehow) floww like water in the river. with a few giant bumps of rocks in the way. it might get ugly but its refreshing. -in a way- @_@
speaking of rivers. (and waters) the flood is getting worse eh? hmmm. i just hope that my home in kelantan wouldnt get hit. it would be bad coz only mama and papa are at home. (>_<) please2x dont be flooded housie. (say whaa...?)

OKEYH! this is getting bad. i can write nonsense. haha. but gimme pieces of fact to be strung together. ugh~ blurr case monkey much? NO!! im not!! im working on letting my ideas flow like water on the sheet of paper. huh. my classes this semester arent that interesting. mostly history lessons. and get this. BM KOMUNIKATIF. (say whhaaa...???) pelik?!! YEAH!! tell me about it! why do tesl majors have to take BM!? and its komunikatif. ugh. we have been speaking it eversince we were born. come on! throw meh something that is related to english! *BAM! -book smack on face- owh wait. we do have them. but only two. and its.... *readreadread. HISTORY!!?!?!?!?!??? ugh. this aint gonna be awesome. huh. come on a'ai! you can do it!!!

HMMM... okay. this is just getting weird. (yeah, i know) @_@ so yeah. good nyte y'all ( or good morning) hmmm.. whichever.