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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keep your mouth shut!

salam. ugh. i have to seriously lay low and keep my mouth shut at times! gawd! @_@
i just came back from a meeting with the exco kebudayaan. owh, remember my last post about joining the JPP? well i got the next best thing. i was elected to be one of the AJK's of the kebudayaan dan kesenian unit. what we do? uhhh. mostly on cultural and arts. yeah. hmmm. anyway! apparently, coz of my big mouth and well known face (eceh, well known ke? perasan! X_x) i got the job of vice secretary. uh. lucky2x me. and guess what too?! i am the only muslimah from my batch! all the other muslimah's are seniors!! ugh. thank gawd there are 2 boys who are my batch. (>_<) alhamdulillah, my burden was also lifted a bit by having a good and hardworking secretary working above me. a guy though, but i know him. he is a responsible person. he should be. i dont mind doing the work but he has got to some of it. (if he does all the work is fine with me too! agaga)

back to keeping my mouth shut. i was among the ones just now that were noisy with my opinions and comments and etc. i think that they are annoyed with me or something! aaarrggh! what to do?! its my nature to say something when people dont. kindly stop giving me the look! (>_<) huhu. i feel sometimes i speak when it is inappropriate. like just now. i cut in when someone was talking. ugh! bad habit! bad a'ai! bad bad BAD A'ai! huhu. i have got to learn on how to speak correctly eventhough you are close to the person who was talking. cutting people when they are speaking is rude!! argh! transform!!!

okey~ kinda getting tired now huhu. no wonder its 12.30 AM. O_O
i had a brief exercise just now. i ate under 2 mins. (thank gawd its kuey tiaw sup), changed attire and ran to the meeting room! (all under 10mins) but the i realised! the meeting was at 945PM not 915PM! i was early by half an hour! say whaa?? i read the message wrongly. dang it! so i went back to my ipg, took a bath, prayed and at the same time charge my fon. and then! at 940 i walked slowly to the meeting room. Guess what! i arrived 945Pm, and i was still among the early people! OMG~~ O_O seriously! people have got to work on the time management skills! early is ok. but being 15mins late is somehow unacceptable. ugh.

meeting and meeting. start lambat and habis pun lambat. menci! try buat cmni. meeting start on time habis pun on time. kan syiok? time management is crucial! something that we malaysians somehow tend to forget to do or forget to teach their children. to me 5mins late is okay. but more than that? adoi. muka i dah masam. sorry lah. :P

kk, its getting late. nyuu. tired?? yes. went jalan2x xhengat dwet xdek. (>_<)
nyte2x sume! salam.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains?

aw. shoot. diffcult question. its 50/50 for me.
hmmm.. but maybe beach.

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When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

an actress or model. hahah!

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Do you have any scars on your body? If so, how'd you get them?

i have a lot on my knees. mostly due to falling down. haha. i was rough kid. XD

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What do you desire the most?

an iPAD!!!

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haha. naw. im just kidding. i was Zorra, the incridible for just a day. which was Yesterday (24/01/2011) during the Introduction to Linguistics class with madam Azlina. hehe. its was our task for the week's ISL. haha. we needed to make a 3min mime on a topic that we want. so my team decided on doing a simple superhero mime (based on my suggestion) LOL! haha. so the situation is like this. (*ehem2x) theres a couple walking nicely and romantically dating. and theres one moment where the guy proposes to the girl. (que, Awwww~~). Suddenly!!! the ex-boyfriend of the girl came and fought for the girl. sadly, the boyfriend/fiance-to-be is a coward and a wussy, so he lost. but out of a sudden! (tet-tet-tenet, kim possible song XD)
Here comes Zorra the incrdible! haha. of course, she fought bravely and won. her super powers are the EX-ray, that can penetrate your body and make them weak, thus making u faint and super bullets which can follow your body heat and kill by impact. haha. awesome huh? so yeah. the awesomeness of Zorra had saved the day. nyahahah~~!

haha. how awesome is that? XD if only i have superpowers. although, i dont like killing people or hurting people. im a lover not a fighter but then, if people get on my nerve. i cant help but to do something. hmm. i dont hurt them physically, but maybe just emotionally. abit. :D but maybe im not as emotionally damaging as other people. haha. im just a mildly sarcastic person. compared to nina. ops. i shouldnt have said her name. lala. oh well she knows the fact and shes proud of it.

(~_~) what am i really rambling about really? even i dont know. lala. pelik? yeah i know. actually im really sleepy now. huhu. and to make matters worse my right eye is red. like. red. O_+. thank gawd not bloodshot red but still red. its somehow itchy! (>_<) menci! huhuhu. k la~
nk kn tdo skg la. tomorrow is a big day! and a long and VERY boring day. huh. hope i wont sleep tho. (>_<) tamau balik bilik! and tamau tido ptg! ayuh! aja2x fighting!! (inner voice: iyela tu...) (=____="")

yeah! i know!~
salam. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011


YOSH~ its time for me to speak on an subject or word. and the word of the day is.


okey! Confidence is a type of Kueh that is made from a flour that is called the Bravery Flour and eaten by itself but also can be dipped in the sauce of sauciness. XD hehe. get it? okey! im done! hahaha. naw, im just kidding.

Aahhhh. So therefore, what do YOU understand from this extract? Do you understand? At all? YES? No? YYEEsSsNNO? Hmm. Honestly, even I don’t. haha. Okey~ lets change this. Confidence is really when a person is confiding or believing in something. How bout that? Better? Hmm. I think so too. I hope that I don’t deviate from the original meaning tho. Hmmmm. NEXT STEP!

right. now when we have understood the meaninng lets see whats next. how to be confident?
yeah. lotsa people ask me this question. (as they believe i am brave and confidence oozes out from my pores. Yes, i am exagerating) Actually, everyone has an ounce of confidence in them. its just needs the right tuning and the right exercise to bring it out. when i was a kid, i think i used to be shy coz i was friends wit a popular girl in school. anyway! i tried copying her at first. how she talked and walked. so yeah. thats how i adapted and also became among the known girls in school. (mind you. this is primary school and i wasnt taht popular) i was just known by the people in my own click. huh. my bestie was even more popular coz she was cuter and prettier. hmm. okay. this is getting depressing. huh. okey! so yeah. thats how i learnt how to be confident. by watching people. NOT BY COPYING MIND YOU! (eventhough the story sounds like it)

anyway. back to the confidence topic. i believe in order to have confidence, you need to have bravery. haha. but if you are already brave, confidence comes easy. but if you already have confidence, its not easy to have bravery. so, compared to confidence, to me, i think bravery is the quality that we need. we need to be brave to get the information we need and when we are brave in doing it. agree? no? hmm.. lets make it this way.

premise 1: you need to be brave to get confidence
premise 2: Confidence is nothing without Bravery
CONCLUSION: Bravery and confidence are tightly connected.

yosh?~ yes? no? hehehe. ayte. my eye is really2x red now. huh. (>_<) its scaring me and thus i have to sleep early. huhu. although, this discussion is not even over yet. huh. gomen! oh yea. i am ZORRA! will explain later.

Zorra OUTz!

why are you so cute? nak cubit pipi bole x? >.<

wey. pi mintak sijil kebenaran dlu dr mr. zairi. bru bleh. :P

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Would you rather be a great athlete, artist, or musician?

id rather be a great athlete. :)

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Friday, January 21, 2011

do u think i'm cute? hehe

yes! but im cuter. XD

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Hobby??

Hahahahaa.... shocked? pelik? yeah. i know~ i have been exploring some sites for a long time now but lately (meaning 5-6 hours ago) my new rumet and kak ira had shown me a few intresting techniques on how to edit a few picts. haha. pastu i tgk~ wa... sng jer!! hoho. so i went bck to my room and start editing again. using Picnik and Photoscape. hmm. i thnk Photoscape is interesting but not much choices wheres Picnik is simple yet clean. heheh. dont understand? me either. XD
so yeah. u guys wanna take a look at my works for the past hours? heheh. kindly comment coz i know. its not all that. im just learning. huhu.

pict 1: Photoscape
pict 2: Picnik
Pict 3: Photoscape
Pict 4: photoscape

Pict 5: Picnik
Pict 6: Picnik

p/s: the banner for my blog was made in 10mins using Photoscape. yeah. nasib gamabr tu comel. ngeee....

Yes2x. tghe picts are kinda small. so what? it mine! segan la buat besar2x. huhu. im not gorgeous. im just average. :) hmmm. so yeah. sementara ad feel nk edit pictures ni, i wanna do it right. hehe. nothing professional but just the knowledge is just fine with me.

ah, today i went to UPM's Library. whoa! a bit culture shcock coz its big! and HUGE! a vast difference compared to ours. huh. and the references?!! OMG! our assignments would be easier to do if the library is like theirs. huh. *jealous. (>_<)

BUT! thats not exactly the point that i want to say here. hmmm. i want a DSLR camera!!! (>_<) huhuuhu. another nafsu. huhu. coz the pictures taken are sooooooo~~ pretty! ngee... and its uuhhh... so professional looking. :). see i told u that its lust! i cant even describe why i want it! @_@ besides im just rambling some silly stuff at night. oh well. this is me. random ranter. haha.
ok2x. better stop now.

TO RAITO: thank you for your comment, yes i will try to tackle the topic confidence when i have something to wirte about it.

A'ai Zairi Outs~!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

red eye?

ARGH!! mataku merah sebelah!!
i just noticed it just now when my kak usrah pointed it out.
i ran back to my room and took out my contacts.
its still red tho.
i can t help rubbing it.
i know that its not good to rub your eye if its red or irritating.
it might (or will) get worse!

ah. now i have some good news. i have to get ready to get out now.
shahsha wants me to follow her on an outing.
mateku merah sebelah and still she wants me to follow her.
mungkin ad hikmah menolong org ni.
mne tau i ni di categorikan sbg org sakit yang diainaya?
mne tau.
doa ku akn tercapai ke...?

optimistik tahap gaban n ngarut.
nk ready dah ni.
coz d person would be here arnd 8.50pm.

damn it!
why am i so nice?!


mne best, duk umah ke duk ipg?

uh. trick question neh. umah la~!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Before you fly. (koPi+PastA)

Before you fly

The fear of flights is a common syndrome. Frequent fliers may not be paying too much heed to pre-flight announcements and safety demonstrations but heaven knows how many of us our petrified when the smiling flight attendant politely points out how are chances of survival may be increased. And if you have recently read Arthur Hailey's 'Airport' or seen the movie, then it would be better to travel on tracks or on the road.

Though the trend has not caught on in India, in many other places in-flight safety lectures and announcements are sometimes flavoured a little with humour and some amount of well meaning teasing. This often helps to lighten up the situation a bit. Here are a few classic examples of flight-wit; it is for you to decide how effective these are.

§ On a Continental Flight with a very “senior” flight attendant crew, the pilot said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached cruising altitude and will be turning down the cabin lights. This is for your comfort and to enhance the appearance of your flight attendants.”

§ “On landing, the stewardess said, “Please be sure to take all of you belongings. If you're going to leave anything, please make sure it's something we'd like to have.”

§ “There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only 4 ways out of this airplane.”

§ “Thank you for flying Delta Business Express. We hope you enjoyed giving us the business as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride.”

§ “After a particularly rough landing during thunderstorms in Memphis, a flight attendant on a Northwest flight announced, “Please take care when opening the overhead compartments because, after a landing like that, sure as heck everything has shifted.”

§ From a Southwest Airlines employee: “Welcome aboard Southwest Flight 245 to Tampa. To operate your seat belt, insert the metal tab into the buckle, and pull tight. It works just like every other seat belt; and, if you don't know how to operate one, you probably shouldn't be out in public unsupervised.”

§ “In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, masks will descend from the ceiling. Stop screaming, grab the mask, and pull it over your face. If you have a small child traveling with you, secure your mask before assisting with theirs. If you are traveling with more than one small child, pick your favorite.”

§ Weather at our destination is 50 degrees with some broken clouds, but we'll try to have them fixed before we arrive. Thank you, and remember, nobody loves you, or your money, more than Southwest Airlines.”

§ “Your seat cushions can be used for flotation; and, in the event of an emergency water landing, please paddle to shore and take them with our compliments.”

§ “As you exit the plane, make sure to gather all of your belongings. Anything left behind will be distributed evenly among the flight attendants. Please do not leave children or spouses.”


okey~ that was cheating. hahah. but yeah. i had no idea on how to write. haha. kinda pathetic. i know~ XD. ill post a proper one when i am nicely relaxed and hyped up. haha. currently im sleepy and he is sleepy too. cian dia xd spe teman. haha. (btw, im talking about cimat) lalala. usah kamoo perasan ye. haha~ (Just kidding!) -smiles- =3

ah, but gimme something to talk about tho. im dried out of ideas. haha. hey, this is a sugeestion. what if, you readers gimme a topic or even a word. ill try to elaborate on that. hmmm. thats good no? but then~ im not a scholar or anyhing. its just a my opinion on the subject. you can drop the comments on my commentbox or even ask a question via formspring. come on guys! i know you guys ala2x ikhlas xikhlas je follow kn. but PLEASE read (at least) one of my posts. huhu. sedey~ :(

ah, emo lak mlm2x. mcm last nite. adeh. hormon xstabil btol. @_@ anyway! AYUH TIDO! muahaha~ okey dokes everyone. or you. You and YOU. im sleepy now. huhu. nyte2x~! salam.


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

6ixth Sense Yang Sempurnakanku

okey. this is an (sort of) an Old Song but i just heard the song and I LOVE IT!! *heart flutters*

Lirik Lagu Yang Sempurnakanku 6ixth Sense

Kaulah bidadari dalam hidupku
Yang selalu hadir di dalam mimpiku
Bunga yang selalu harungi hariku
Anugerah Tuhan yang sempurnakanku

Bila kau jauh
Aku selalu rindu
Bila kau ada
Hatikan berbunga

Ku akan selalu menjadi bintangmu
Menerangi gelap dan mimpimu
Aku setia di sini mengusap tangismu
Menemani sunyi di hatimu

hmmmm..... now i have to find someone to sing it for me OH WAIT! i do have one! hahaha. sanggup ke kamo? XD gedik je. (=_=") ehm. i heard this song somwewhere around warta and i couldnt stop singing it! hehe. its catchy! if you wanna hear it kindly buy the album yea? or er.. Down****. hehe. i cant say the word. coz its illegal to do it. unless its for sharing purposes! Um-Hum! *angguk* =)

so yea. i thnk that is all for this post. lets move on to the next one.'


Thursday, January 13, 2011

pilihan raya JPP tahun 2011

wah3x~! im very3x full. hoho. just finished eating pizza with akak and papa at home and then i drove back to IPG and also suffing my face with an apple. therefore, im feeling sleepy and very100x stuffed. hua3x. not often that i get to feel this way. ngeee~. anyway! refering to the title above, today was the vote casting of the JPP of IPG KPI for 2011/2012. hmmmm. to answer your question whether i participate the answer is no. agagaa. but why am i so keen on discussing this subject? aaahhh~ keep on reading.

JPP stands for Jabatan Perwakilan Pelajar. (or is it Jawatan? hmm.) for other colleges its MPP, Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar. this group is established to take care the students benefits and stand up for the voice of the students. sounds very awesome (and a lot of work) yeah? answer: yes and no. Yes because its awesome to get the experience in handling paperworks and the higher authorities. to learn about protocols and everything. but no so awesome when the commitment is too much for a simple person. if a person is a JPP or MPP, their image is squeaky clean. i mean, top scorers, overachievers and good speakers. the ones that are tough. ugh. even defining these people are hard. weird thing is, i wanted to be one of them. pelik? yeah. tell me about it.

why do i even want to get involved with this type of people? being a JPP is hard work especially when you're in degree! theres lotsa10x work to be done! but like i said before being a JPP is not just the glamor but its about standing up for the rights of the students. i would really100x like to represent the minorities. especially the Tesl group. haih. not to say that we are discriminated or something but we are pushed aside abit in events. (>_<) its a bit of a downer but i dont really mind as much but justice is justice. they have got to see (and FINALLY) realize that even though that we are Teslians, doesnt mean that we are 'social' or 'terlalu bebas'. we have a religion too. for the record, its the same as yours. ISLAM.

many asked why i just talk the talk and not walk the walk about this JPP thing. its because i am not ready! like i said its a full time job! and academic studies come first than curriculum. i didnt do well when i was in foundation. (Boohoo! T_T) i have got to get my grades up and steady first then only i can feel comfortable juggling studies and curriculum. Ah, one more reason that i didnt join is because of An-Nur. =) i like being in An-Nur. FYI, An-Nur is this IPG's annual mag. it makes me feel important and yet the commitment is there but not as intense as JPP (obviously). i was.. (ops) am a reporter for the mag. teehee. i like it very much. its just sometimes writing in BM is not my strong point. Gimme an event to write in English and i can finish it up in a jiffy but in BM. ugh. Practice,PRActice,PRACTICE! (@_@) this is i think i want to continue being in the An-Nur. just maybe not a reporter. maybe ill change to unit penulisan. hmmmmm. that sounds good too. =)

damn. my money is getting lower-lower-lower and lower. (>_<) how am i gonna afford the Apad?!! ugh!! really, i have got to do something. like maybe, looking for a partime job that dont use much of my time but pay is not too bad. or sell something precious. this is. i dont have anything precious. my stuffs are just normal stuffs. i dont think that people would actuallu want a 2year old pnk mp3 or stuffs like that? (@_@) help2x! i can do translating jobs or simple tutoring. heck i could babaysit!! seriously! help me make money so that i can stop thinking of the incident that happend last wednesday! really!!!! im a bit freaked out here since im sometimes thinking of taking that offer. and then my subconscious would slap me back to reality and say 'its sreriously not worth it! and its going to be bogus!' arrgghh! HELP! money is the only thing on my mind now. ive been thinking of skipping meals just to save rm5 from my budget. ugh. when i get my allowance thats what im gonna do. just eat once a day to keep track on things. hmmm. problem is. Can i do it? YES I CAN! YEAH! CHAIYOK2X! GOOD LUCK A'AI!

okeyh. its already 11.30pm. and tomorrow is a friday. tempted to wake up late but obviously i cant. muahahah~ but classes are gonna end early tho. maybe i ll post another post tomorrow. hmm. new years resolution. POST BLOG AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK! mwahaha!! Good night all! salam.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rooming in wit new people. :)

OKEYH! im already settled in the room that is designated for me. (uhh.... is tht right? 0_O) Room C429. =3 im happy here. well, i got Plan B working. thank goodness i dont have to resolve to Plan C. no offence but i dont think i would be doing my work at home. Home is for leisure and relaxing. not homeworks and stress. ugh. @_@ my new roomates (and temporary roomates are Nurul Aqilah Razak and Nurul Syafiqah). one Tesl girl and one agama girl. not gonna tell who is who. hehehe. both of them are awesomely nice and great. it has my room type of feel to it only in a different room. does that make sense? hmmm. anyway! this room is at the fourth floor. my room is at the third floor at D. haih. so i had to climb another flight of stairs to get to my room. ugh. its okay! i take it as exercise. i almost fell over the fence onece last week coz i was used to going down 3 flights of starirs only. ugh. dunask. ~_~.

thank gawd i realised before i bloke a neck or something. most of my stuff are still at D block. i just brought 5 pairs of formal dresses, 3 pairs of tee shirts and 2 pairs of tracks. a few books. i dont wanna bring alot coz 1. im quite lazy to get the stuffs here and back 2. im scared that my stuff woul fill the room. so yeah. i minimized to the max. hehehehehe. so far i dont think im a nuisance. i sure hope they dont take me as a nuisance. huhu. (>_<) i sure hope that this renovation dont take long. humph. why of all the time!?! @_@

i dont sleep on a bed or anything. i just sleep on a thin piece of sponge bed. hehe. but i layer it with comforter and sleeping bag. so its kinda comfortable. it feels kinda nice tho. haha. im not exacty used to this but, ill survive. hoho. i didnt bring Mina tho. kakak said that it would be 'semak' in the room. (ya know, coz its.. uh... big?) so i just brought cimat and the pillow that East gave. haha. speaking of sleep. i should be doing that now. haha~ no worries!! tomorrow is the assembly in the hall. whereby, we can sit down and sleep. muahaha! pelik? yeah. i know.

ugh. midnite ramblings are the worse. but still the ideas (somehow) floww like water in the river. with a few giant bumps of rocks in the way. it might get ugly but its refreshing. -in a way- @_@
speaking of rivers. (and waters) the flood is getting worse eh? hmmm. i just hope that my home in kelantan wouldnt get hit. it would be bad coz only mama and papa are at home. (>_<) please2x dont be flooded housie. (say whaa...?)

OKEYH! this is getting bad. i can write nonsense. haha. but gimme pieces of fact to be strung together. ugh~ blurr case monkey much? NO!! im not!! im working on letting my ideas flow like water on the sheet of paper. huh. my classes this semester arent that interesting. mostly history lessons. and get this. BM KOMUNIKATIF. (say whhaaa...???) pelik?!! YEAH!! tell me about it! why do tesl majors have to take BM!? and its komunikatif. ugh. we have been speaking it eversince we were born. come on! throw meh something that is related to english! *BAM! -book smack on face- owh wait. we do have them. but only two. and its.... *readreadread. HISTORY!!?!?!?!?!??? ugh. this aint gonna be awesome. huh. come on a'ai! you can do it!!!

HMMM... okay. this is just getting weird. (yeah, i know) @_@ so yeah. good nyte y'all ( or good morning) hmmm.. whichever.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

as a student, how are you going to make more money? =)

as a student, how are you going to make more money? =)

Answer here

if youre given a wish, wht is it going to be?

i want to have endless amount of money. hehehehe. <3

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ada perubahan ke spanjang cuti neh?

uhh. sye smkn baik. :D

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new years present.

i fell down and scratched my knee.

huhu. :( yea, how unfortunate right? actually this happened on 31st dec 2010. i fell down at a Petronas Gas Station. huk3x. :( yeah it hurts.
not a good strt to 2011, when my knee aches evrytime i move. but its getting better now. Alhamdulillah.

tomorrow is another of relaxing at home.
i dont mind really. Frankly, i dont feel like going bac to school. huhu. even my sleeping arrangement is not settled yet. (>_<) i called my seniors, juniors and also colleagues. huh. there aint got a place free! dang it. Grrrrrr. oh well. lets just hope that Plan A works so that i dont have to find a room at last minute. (>_<) Plan C is where i stay at home with kakak. i dont mind staying with kakak (and abg) but! its the distance that bothers me. huh. its 30mins away!! im not a morning person. and the guards are strict. dang it. its like school man! and3x, if i stay outside id be far from my friends and group discussions! urghh. thats bad for me. coz i gotta be among top 3 or d leaast top 5 among the teslians. huh. currently, im not key? im just among the average.

goodness. i need more money! like seriously!! i really2x want an iPhone. or an iPad. (>_<) the iphone is the top thing that i want now. i had been pining over it for 2years now. and yesterday when i got in contact with an iPad. aaahhhh~~ i want it too!! i dont really mind if its a clone or not but its still awesome! i like the touch technology. its so slick. its takes the expression 'its at the tip of my fingers' to a whole new level! someone called me a noob for wanting an iPhone. he said only an idiot buys the iPhone coz the most used app that we use is the text message and call. yes true! but its still helpful to have a lot of diffrent apps right? come on! its technology! if u dnt use it so what?? its still there! yr the noob!! ergh! really2x geram with him when he said that. yeah. hes the techcy type of dude. so what? i want it. aku guna dwet kaw ke??! ERGHHH!!

hmm. how do i earn more money eh? i mean. i cant do a business during my studies. it gotta be hush2x. and simple. (>_<) how2x?! errghhhh. i thought of doing a translating gig. hows that? i can translate BM papers to English or the other way around. hehe. thats a gud idea right? or2x. i can type assignments. just type not do the assignment. thats too much. im not that smart. but then if it clashes with my assignmnts thats gonna be hard for me. i wouldnt be able to sleep at night and believe me. I GOTTA SLEEP. ergh. this shucks. not having money. aahh.... another idea just came to me. writing! write stories and sendd them to the local news or something.. that gotta mean some bucks right? hmmm. dad used to do it. why not me?! but when i experience the writer's block its not pretty. my writing get quite bad. owh, and i cant write facts. dang it. its a curse. (>_<)

haihs. what to write? see. im having the block now.
stopping now~
the new era of A'ai Zairi starts now~

A'ai Zairi