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Monday, February 14, 2011

usaha update blog.

salam sume!!!

adeih! knapeerrr la aku jadi mls nk update blog. slalu je procrastinate. pdahalllll~ byk je event berlaku. eheheheh. let me list them down:
1. CNY hols whole family went to Chiang Mai Thailand!!
2. jatuh sakit selama 3 hari dan lost 5kg. :(
3. pegi ice skating ngan kakak n kak sara kat sunway!
4. jln2x di Lowyat dan TimeSquare bersama 7 org teman.

ayuh2x. kita elaborate satu2x!

1st: CNY family trip to Chiang mai Thailand!!!
okey. this was mums idea since since wanted to GO somewhere. at first it was either China or Australia. but ended up goin to Chiang Mai. because? the tickets was expensive. almaklumlah. pama kena sponsor sume anak2x yang rajen ngekor jln2x ke mana2x. heheheh. the THANKS PAPA MAMA! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THE TRIP WAS GOOD! ;) the trip lasted for 4days and 3 nights. :) we departed from Malaysia on the 28th of January 2011 and we came back on the 1st of february. there were interesting places that we visited. day 1 it was a beautiful floral park! OMG! ill upload the picures later k? then it was the Elephant Park! aww. gentle giants. hehehhe. then we went to the GOLDEN TRIANGLE and went shopping at LAOS. XD and we also up to Chiang Rai (also in thailand) for sight seeing and slept there for one night. we also went to the border of Myanmar for a Gemstone market. Mum bought gorgeous brooches (for her. for us, sendri bli mah!). ehm. we siblings also went to a thai massage parlour to get the experience the famous thai massage. it was great and ticklish at first but after the massage it hurt! @_@. ehm. finally on the 1st we all went back. now next to number 2 on my list.

edited pictures:

2. jatuh sakit selama 3 hari dan lost 5kg. :(
aahhh.... yeah. i fell sick directly after we touched down from chiang mai. huhu. i had high fever until i had this koolfever on and it went dry! like OMG! and i was vomiting non stop! ergh! sakit gile~! i couldnt even eat properly. coz evrytime i read. before it could be digested, i 'see' it again. NOT IN A GOOD WAY. Imagine, my stomach was cramping because i ws vomiting too much. ugh. the most torturous 3days of my life! @_@ and i came back to the IPG. people start noticing that i had drastically lost weight. i can see it in my cheeks. my current weight is 40kg. yes people. 40KG!! im seriously underweight. how am i gonna get my 5KGs back!? HUARGH!! :(

3. pegi ice skating ngan kakak n kak sara kat sunway! (loves!)
masa ni i wasnt 100% sihat. but i wanted to get out from the house! sooo~ i ajak akak and kak sara utk pergi ice skating kat Sunway Pyramid! wooot2x!! SGT BESTTT!! i always wanted to iceskate but never got the chance. when we were kids, we had roller skates and blades and i love going roller blading around the quarters at Penang. and to tell u a secret. when i was a kid. i wanted to be a figure skater coz they were so beautiful and so graceful on ice. i really2x wanted to be like them. haih. but of course. i didnt get my dream. haha. XD so on that FRIDAY, i got my chance to be a skater! hehe. but there were alot of people there. i didnt enjoy 100% but it was 80% enjoyment. kakak fell 6 times and i only fell 4 times! HoYeaaahh~! itu pun mostly sb tolong akk jatuh. huuu. and2x! i jatuh scra stylo. org xpasan pun i jatuh. hak3x! XD yep! that was among the top 10 enjoyable day of my life. (loves!)

4. jln2x di Lowyat dan TimeSquare bersama 7 org teman
yeha! went to lowyat last saturday! to buy some electronic stuffs and also to know the way to Lowyat! haha. nothing much to elaborate here coz its was mostly shopping and girly2x stuffs. hehee. but it was an important to me coz that was the day i went to Lowyat with friends and also to timeSquare with friends. bought a few stuffs that i dont need but the ULTIMATE THING that i wantd wasnt there. huhu. :( and that night i did some stupid things and endded up losing a few bucks. damn it! ain ko lapy gilerr!! and the i got emo. pelik? yeah! i know~!!

YEAH! habis sume! huh. penat ku nulis. kejap. anda mau tanya per? Nape A'ai Rajin smcm nk update blog? hehe. coz im practicing! yeha! gambatte A'ai! u can do it. damn it. money is so crucial now until im actually considering the offer! haihs. u have got to be crazy A'ai! NO IM NOT! im just being RATIONAL! X_x.
OKey2x. gotta sleep now. didnt sleep today and had a bad night last night. so my sleeping patterns are WAAYYYYYY off~. hmmm.


A'ai Zairi Outs!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

reply to a post. :)

ah. i got tagged for a thing that i already have done like before. haih. why am i so popular? hhahahha! PERASAN! XD naw. im not popular or anything. just popular. but to reply to my friends' tag, Mizu (kindly clink his blog. its... uhhh... interesting? <---- purely compliment!!) i already have done 50 randon facts about me. so yeah. i think this is a bit pointless if i write again. haha. okay! this is the link for my top 50 random facts. haha.

"Once you have been tagged, you are suppose to write a note, with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated"

according to the rules. i have to tag 25 people. but currently. i dont have anyone to tag? hehe. no offence. i like to know everyone but yeah. i dnot know anyone much. huhu. but lets try on a few that i really want to know. :)

2. Bie
3. Senpai Fahmi. ngeeee..... (<----- i need to tell this one)
5. schascha!!! ;) (my junior)

uh... i thnk that is all for now? ni je org yg i tringin nk diorg post. hehehe~ ill inform them later. :3 ayte. i better go now. i dont feel so good. @_@

nyte2x! salam~

A'ai Zairi Outs~