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Monday, November 15, 2010

FuN FacTS!!


  1. i love TKD
  2. i believe i have an attitude switch
  3. im a sugar crazed person (williy wonka's factory is my fantasy)
  4. i hate when people forget or breaks their promise
  5. i hate late comers
  6. y i smile alot is coz i thought that would make dimples magically appear
  7. when im angry, i dont speak
  8. i make smart remarks when i have no idea what to say
  9. my turning point on being a lady is 17
  10. so far i had 4 culture shocks
  11. i write when im sad
  12. i love wearing assesories (rings n necklaces to be exact)
  13. freaky but i like to smell my own sweat (=_='')
  14. LOVE is a big word for me
  15. i have trust issues
  16. im quiet n courteous with strangers but im crazyyy with my friends
  17. i like cooking but not with my mum or grndmum
  18. i wanted to be an actress when i was a lil' girl
  19. somehow, i dont get nervous talking to bunch of strangers formally
  20. when i was a kid, i wanted to be like my bros (like a boy)
  21. my first kiss was when i was 4 yrs old n d boys name wsa izzat (damn TV's!!)
  22. i spent half of my lifetime sleeping XD
  23. i consider myself as a freak n complicated person
  24. i dont think that im cute , pretty or smart (im just average)
  25. i hate that i was so far from my other siblings
  26. i always wanted to be in boarding school
  27. i consider myself as my mother's guardian angel that doesnt do her job properly
  28. im not a tidy person
  29. i hate my writing
  30. i was heartbroken when my mum didnt believe that i could pursue veterinary
  31. my style of studying is noisy discussions n colourful notes
  32. i hate that i have short term memory loss
  33. id love to return to my childhood again
  34. i lOvE plushies!!!!!!
  35. i want to be 'berisi'
  36. i need something to hug or 'gentel' before i sleep
  37. if im tired or have a lot in my mind, id tend to mengigau or talk in my sleep
  38. i hate my eye deficiency
  39. i am able to bathe in 1minute FLAT
  40. my clothes lack colour variety
  41. i love nasi kandaq hat paiu punya kat penang nuh!
  42. i always wanted to play guitar
  43. i hate listening to people curse esp women
  44. i dont mind getting dirty for fun
  45. i can finish reading two novels under 24hours without skipping
  46. i hate it when i cry
  47. i have sweaty palms and feet
  48. im an animal lover (^_^)
  49. i write poetries but i dnt do well in them
  50. im a dictator
well there you go.
50 facts about me!
what ever u wanna judge
go ahead.
coz i dont give a darn.
coz its me n i wont change.
maybe for the better
but dont expect an overnight change.

toodles for now!