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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tied Together

Tied Together

By Aarif Subzposh

I am tied to my jobs and duties
and I try to keep my soul from the Lord's furies.
I strive to give to forgive and to gift my monies

But God lets me make mistakes that I unknowingly undertake,
I know that with each one I realize I reach a higher state.
And that I am meant to learn and contemplate

Islam teaches me how to forgive
but how many Muslims today have been taught to live?
Extremism of both sides are spreading active.

They have forgotten moderation, only limiting themselves
when they could be at the level of the angels.
working in a balanced way to fill up the dry wells

to educate, propagate, and contemplate
their own religion, for only with knowledge can they be great.

We are servants who should never hesitate

when the true peaceful call of Almighty Allah comes.
Then our Ummah shall hopefully be one.
A family, like it was when it started, Brothers and Sisters together under Almighty Allah's sun.