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Tuesday, November 23, 2010




Life is interesting

Life is good

Life is hard

Life is true

But its always good to have you

Beside me always

Holding me tight

Never letting go

Even when I say so

I love you so much

No normal words can explain

Not even literary words can express it

The only small yet perfect word is


Only 3 simple words

Can express it

I hope I can elaborate but no

It is as simple as it is

Perfection in 3

I can’t wait to see you again

I can’t wait for you to hold me again

I can’t wait to help you again

I can’t wait to take care of you again

I can’t wait to get home

Wait for me

Ill be there soon

Please be there

I want to see you again

I miss you dear parents


that was just something that i wrote when i was in first semester.

i wrote that because i was feeling frustrated due to the fact that i couldnt go back earlier and for a longer period because of the MERDEKA celebrations

imagine this:

i didnt go back and rest for 6 months at that time

yes people SIX!

know why?

coz i went to IPG straight away after matrics.

i mean,

i checked out KMK today and the registration date for IPG is tomorrow


thats how it happened.

ended up not seeing my house for 6 months.

i was so upset and angry FURIOUS!



i really wanna write something that is meaningfull.

but my mind is currently blank.

maybe due the fact that im writing this at 12.49 am

(not that late but i had a long day)


keep up with the next post coz i hope that i can keep it intrsting


-a'ai zairi-