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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010

i gotta be quick
coz its like 10mins before 12. haha.
so what am i gonna say?
well duh!!



i hope the last year had been good for you guys.
lets have a better year in 2011
is just a date that we can use to be as our turning point to something.
its just date that can change everything or nothing.
for me 2010 had been intresting.
now i hope 2011 is gonna be awesome
as its gonna be the big TWO-OWH on my next birthday
dang it.


oh well.
its just a number that i can live with.

im sorry for all of my mistakes.
take care everyone!

celebrate tu.
celebrate gak.
tolonggggglaaaaaaa jaga diri masing2x.
xmau kehilangan korunk.


the new ERA of A'ai Zairi begins..........................


Thursday, December 30, 2010

slesema is flu.....2

OKEH! flu sye smkn trukkk. huhu. its getting worse. huhu. maybe its because of the unpacking of the boxes that had arrived last Wed. hmm. maybe. dont worry. i had bought some medication for the flu. BUT! it somehow stopped working. weird? i know! d pharmacist said that its a sleepy pill. so yeah, okay. fine, its sleepy. the first time i ate it. a few moments later i was sleepyyyy and drroowwwwssssyyyy. (@_@) and that night i slept at 11pm. yeah! 11!!!! so i continued eating adn feeling sleepy. (and thus sleeping afterwards. ngee) but lately, i dont feel sleepy anymore and the flu is somehow worse! has it stopped working? haihs.

schools gonna re-open on d 3rd jan. huhu. im not ready for degree! or am i? urgh. feelingless. (>_<) OKeh, smkin tension and pelik. anyway! schools gonna re-open on 3rd so i goin back tmrw (31.12.2010) at 16.45 pm. huhu. i need to find a room to bunk later at the Uni. (@_@). pelik? yeah. alkisahnya begini. our IPG is somehow undergoing upgrade. so d first step is rewiring all the blocks. last semester it was Block C n currently its Block D's turn to move for the rewiring. bad news is, i duno who am i gonna bunk with for a few months! Dang it! haih. last semester, we had a guest in our room. my roomate's classmate. i ddint mind. but during her stay, there were misunderstandings and such. so my roomate couldnt get a bunk too! wait, this is getting off topic. haha. (putting in reverse) SSCCCRRRREEEECCCHHHHH!!!!! anyway! i need to find someplace to bunk!

so, where to? most of my classmates are Block D-ians. huhu. my bad for not expanding my wings to other horizons of friends. not my fault if they're a shut-in group and didnt like spending time or wavelength with teslians. (im not naming names or labelling anyone here ayte. im just saying). but set thngs aside. it is partly my fault. huhu. (okay! maybe mostly my fault). its nice to bunk in a dorm with some of the girls but is it available? truth is. its not. (@_@) so someone nominated the Surau of BLock E. i dont mind really. but, is it proper? we ar not d kind that is quiet or smtg. we r a noisy bunch if i had to say so politely. ergh! that is plan B. what is plan C?? find someone that is willing to take me in her room? who?! (>_<) i feel like living outside with my sis. but its a 30min drive! in the morning. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!!! (>_<) stres2x. Plan E is living outside with my sister. haih. its a good idea but i hope it doesnt come to that. (yet)

*sniff2x. after a few days of kemas2x and unpacking the stuffs in boxes. the house looks like we just moved in. (@_@) honestly! how are you gonna fit a 2-story bungalow full of stuff to a 1-story bungalow? we've got loadddssss of stuffs. okay~ correction. mum and dad has a lot of stuffs. Mum has a lot of cooking stuffs that she rarely use. everytime that i say. 'buang la bnda tu, mama mne guna pun' mum would reply 'eeehhh~!!! mne boleh. dulu mama guna tau'. and here is where i go 'okay ma. u said it. dlu, mama guna. skg??'. then mama senyap and said 'alah, simpan je lah. nti pencen mama guna balik.' (=___="") addeehh. besides that mum has alot of glassware! really! she has 4-5 complete sets! OMG~ which she havnt even used yet. atoih. sometime during the unpacking. it came to me 'am i gona be like mom...?!' OMGGGG~!!!!! i shud start saving for a big house! ngaaa... (O_O) now to dad. dad has alot of this nostalgic stuffs like trophies, n medals n souvenirs from everywhere n anywhere from the world. its amazing! huh. and he has a collection of letters from i dont even know who! haihs. mum wouldnt let me read it. its somehow classified for me. pelik? yeah. i know.

owh. another thing that is a lot in this house. BOOKS! we have like 5-6 boxes of books only! say whhaaa..?? yeah. 5-6 BOXES. come to think of it. there might be more of em. hmm. that shows how bookaholic the chldren of Mohd Zairi and Wan Norziah. back at Penang we had TWO BOOKSHELVES that can place all the books but now we dont. so where do we put them? in shelves of course! but not together. we have 3 book spots in this house. haha. kinda funny when u thnk about it. haha. i love my books. iu really do. when i found a book that i had once read and it was awesome. i coulnd help myself in reading a bit of it. (even when i was supposed to be packing the things) urgh. its a gift and a curse to read fast. dang! two of the biggest bookaholics in this house is my sister and me. so, the books are kinda mostly ours. haha. i had already chose the books that i wanted to keep so im fine when dad said he wanted to give the books away. but then my sis wants her books too! (=_=") so yeah, i had to sort it out again. i think we had to give away at least half of the books. huhu. sad. :( hmm. but, most of the books are enid blython books and mystery novels. it aint my thing as much so. yeah. it doesnt bother mw much. haha. although, it hurts to see them go. :(

i think my tagline for 2011 is
'Pelik? yeah. i know.'
'okay~ is not what i was looking for but OKAY!'

and the name a'ai needs to stick! haih. kinda bored of the name ain. (>_<) nothng is wrong with the name. please. i like my name. its just kinda too common. huhu. i gotta be unique. i gotta be me. not mom. or abg adin. or even my sister. hmm. i currently dont thnk i have and identity. not yet anyway. i gotta write my name in history. but how?! haihs.

A'ai Zairi, Type-OFF~
(usually people write pen off but yeah, im typing so its Type -Off. or something in between. im getting wacko. (@_@))

Saturday, December 25, 2010

slesema is flu.

sniff2x. i hate the flu bug. huh. i got mine last Monday. the day that we came back from penang. haih. this is really stressful. sometimes i tak dpt nikmat tarik nafas. know why? coz my nose is blocked. haillaaa. i think this allergies or something. its getting close to the school re-opening date. classic school allergies. haha.

It got worse when last Wednesday the boxes from Machang came and me and mum cleared up some boxes to be put in the kitchen. damn. sneezing like hell on Wednesday. then! mum got this new tea thing. its called Green Tea Colostrum. (click to know more) mum bought this for her coz based on chemah's recommendation, its 'mengenyangkan' and sihat. but~! mum forced me to drink it. hailaa. knw how it taste? like susu org tua type of tase. its tepung-gy and tawar. i thnk it tasted like Anlene. yuck~ i was like, Gagg, SERIOUSLY?!. (going green) and its kinda weird that when u wanna drink it. u have to use warm water (not hot water) and stir it with plastic spoon. weird? yeah. i know. ive been forced to drink it every morn since wednesday. Ack, (green).

these few days mum havent been feeling so good. hurm. Cian mama. mum said tht doc diagnosed that in her blood cholesterol naik. i pun agak confuse disitu but okay. blood cholesterol naik hence, the Green Tea thing. tapi i gak yg kena paksa minum. couldnt understand my mum sometimes. haih. currently, mum is lying down sb tak larat.
ni dh nk masuk musim skolah dah ni. klu mama xsihat lg cmne. adeih. this morn, she was better. and knw wht she did? she washed the porch with the steam vacuum. say whaa...?? bende tu kan berat. so this evening she buat kona baring la. haila. mama ku syg~ tu nasib i tolong gak tu. if i didnt help cmna la~

Owh, funny story. mama yesterday. she asked me to get out of my room and be SEEN! so yea. i went out of the house and lepak with papa at the koi pond (alongside bubu watching from afar). so dlm penat2x tu. mama pun kuar. so it was like a family outing ar
lebey kureng. haha. and that night, mum kicked me out of my room. for the same reasons. so, i went out the room. but i went out and lepak la. pastu, mama masuk bilik tido. say whaaa...???? u wanted me to be SEEN! but then u tidoq camna.........??? mama...oh.....mama.
that is a picture of her with Qayyim. Our couzin. not our youngest brother or anything. haha. among the candid pictures of mama. u know. mum is not a children fave. cz shes kinda garang. tapi! Qayyim ni lain sket. nak plak kat mama mse dlu dia kecik. sgt pelik. hahah.

anyway! this post is about my flu. reverse2x.
about the green tea thing. i think it works a bit. haha. kurang sket mucus nye. tapi the taste is like. UUrrggghHHHH~ GAG. in the mornings, the mucus isnt that bad. at night is when there's alot of mucus. i hate it. huh. maybe coz its cold. sometimes it dawned to me that, if i dont bathe the mucus wouldnt be bad. but then. ew. i still bathe okey!!! just not as long as before and using hot water. nasib papa memahami about anak nya yg xsuka mandi air sejuk. haha. spoiled girl much? no lar~ sume anak papa and mama camtu. (yes im referring to u guys too, kak uda, abg adin and abg ki)

okeyh. tu je utk mlm ni. i think i have crapped enough for everyone to see. haha.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

specs or contacts?

the million dollar question.

should A'ai wearing glasses or contacts?

this is me wearing glasses........

and me.
wearing purple contacts.

which one?
be honest!!!!!

kindly comment.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

rants by a teen.

OKEH! need to write something or else the blog becomes lifeless. wahaha. about what though? what about this.
what does this word to you? a house? a building? hmmmmmm..........
to me this word means a building that holds memories. it doesnt need to be a big house or even a complete one. its just a building that you think of when people say 'hey, do you miss home?'. i currently have a home and a house.

my home is still at Penang. 2026, ibu pejabat veterinar bukit tengah. :) this is were i first learned how to ride a bike, scratched my knee (big time), talk to animals (hahaha, as if), play ping pong, learn the meanings of friendship. (>_<) i grew up there. i had spent 7 years at that particular house. then i had to move to kelantan. i was really2x emotional everytime i had to pack my stuff away and when i watched my parents clear the house. i remembered, i always procrastinate packing coz in my heart i hoped that my dad changed his mind and didnt want to leave penang. but in the end, it didnt happen that way. we ended up moving anyways. i wrote 'NAZ and FAMILY wuz ERE (1994-2010)' at all the doors efore i leave. i was teary when i left the house. my heart was at the bottom pit of my stomach. i was mostly quiet when i was in the car. so yeah. then i moved to the first house i ever had.

a house. huh. well its actually just a building that i live in it. ahak. kinda harsh but yeah. its just a building. i hated my old house at Cherang'. its so hot and damp. it always had the funky smell that i never got rid of. but then, at one point of a stressful Form 5, i went HOME. Home in kelantan. ahaha. took a long time though. but i still dont like it and i missed my old house dearly. but what to do. my home had already became into someone else's house and home. and this person had turned my white home into his peachy paradise. (say what?!). yeah, he painted the house peachy. (@_@)

okay. that is the cherang house. now im at a new house. now, this time it felt like home. :)
not coz its new but somehow it reminds me of d Home in Penang. but the colour of the house aint really my taste, but yeah. this i can call home. :) maybe coz i dnt really live here so much since im at college now. but you somehow need a nest to come back to rightt..? so yeah. this is a nest for me. compared to the cherang house. this is much better. though, if it was given a choice. id still choose penang. =)

haihs.... ranting without any purpose at late night. when i needed to sleep coz tomorrow is a another day! BUT! i wanna finish writn a post. damn, i should start a ASK ME! column. hahah. coz apparently im d cupid/LOVE Doctor/heartbreak officer/marriage counsellor n friendship beholder. (@_@) yeah. me! apparently, im eay for people to talk to and! i can keep secrets. mwahahahahahaa... so yeah. ima make an ASK ME! or I CAN HELP! column next. haha. kidly comment on my idea. (^_^)v


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i wanna write somethng. but i dont know what. ahahaha. im currently in front of my computer, waiting for somethng to download while buffering some vids. haha. yeah, i know it would take a long time if i buffer vids while downloading but im bored! and my kpop supply isnt enough. huhu. Luna princess isnt here remember? (that reminds me, i have got o text oppa on how its going. Dang its taking a long time.) (>_<)

im thinking. what is the purpose of my blog? just a place for me to write stuffs? and what kind of stuffs? i dont exactly put pictures do i? its all in wording. im still a rookie at this but i wanna make it work. i aint perfectionist i like having things the right way. i dont like to just take things easily. a blog is a big responsibility. its a window to a persons soul sometimes when they write about their feelings. (cewaahh) and now, im thinking, is this a window to my feelings? can people actually peek inside my head and see what i had gone through? it sounds a bit philosophical but hey, its just something that i have to know. hmmmm.

right. reverse back to the point of writing a blog. okay, boring people just stick to the norm and write what they are feeling or use a blog as their online and non private journal. but some people wrote fictional stories. now these people are very intresting. instead of knowing WHAT they do or did. we can figure out WHO they are. because writing comes from the heart and mind. it flows like water. good writers can put itty bitty bits of themselves in their pieces of writing. to me when reading a fictional story, im learning to know who is the writer. it doesnt matter whether its a famous book or just someone on a blog writing a simple fantasy story. i like figuring out who the writers are besides knowing the ending of a good book. same thing with someone writing fictional stories on a blog. i sometimes can determine how he/she thinks. unless its someone i know. i just match it with my knowledge of them. :)

im weird. i know. sometimes i can determine someones charater by looking at their shoes! yeah, maybe it could be considered as stereotyping but sometimes i just cant help it! i see a mid 30s lady tutting down the street wearing heels/stilletoes, i think she must be someone in power. married. hardcore. strict. dont let anything get in her way. yeah. abit stereotyping but i dont judge. i used to look or glance ot peoples shoes just for the likes of it. and dont ask me how i judge my boys. first i look at their feet. second is secret. :P

among all the superpowers in the world, i would like to have d mind reading power. (no connections what so ever to the other person). no like seriously, wouldnt it be cool? you would know what the other person is thinking about. then you would know what to say next without hurting him/her. you would be the best daughter/son/friend/dad/mom/boss/colleague/etc2c. fun no? but the downside is. you can NEVER trust anyone. because everyone got their deep and dark secrets or intentions lurking in their minds. if you know whats in their mind then, there is a chance we would be very judgmental when being with the person. 'fun' huh?

would you be popular but hated or invisible but have a few good friends?
yeah. lots of people (that i know) would vote for a few good friends. i would too. but, yeah. being popular is fun. people would know your name and you wouldnt be alone. but truth is, popular people are always alone. they jump from one friend to another each day. which one is true? the one who truly understands? i know. coz i used to be 'popular'. i like the attention but yeah, its confusing sometimes.

yeah. this is just a bored rant from a bored teen with too much time on her hands. i should be sleeping now. its 1.3 AM (local time). most of my friends are asleep. including the particular one. haha. but of course. my brother n sis in law wouldnt be asleep now. it should be 5pm over there. ahaha. like i know. (@_@) like i said. its just some ramblings of a teen that wants to write something meaningful and profitable like Harry Potter or Shopaholic series. hahah. as if?! im not the least talented as they are. okay fine, yes, i can write but just short stories. i cant turn my 3 page fiction to a 1000++ page fiction without it getting boring at some parts. i know, i tried. huhu.

okey! stopping now. maybe?

Sunday, December 5, 2010


sye eksiden td!


kejadian berlaku
kat lorong tepi caltex otw ke umah chemah.
setelah ak msk lorong,
ad r kete pajero mitsubishi dpn ak nih.
tiba2x je break!
nasib jarak ak ngn dia agak jauh
so ak pun sempat ar Emergency break
kat sini ak dah tarik nafas.
FUHH.. nasib xkena.
ni ak x expect langsung.
setelah break tu en, kete tu pun reverse!
ak dah mula panik doh!
mama pun panik skali.
dua-dua pun panik.
masa ni ak duk tekan hon sekuat aty
byk kali ak tekan.
sampai la
kete ktrg berlangaar bak 2atom yang berlaga.

setelah uncle tu kedepan.
dia pun kuar dari kereta lalu berkata dgn selamba kpd mama
'la, sya xsangka pulak ad kete kat blkng saya. sya nk ckp ngn istri saya tuh td'
-sambil menunjuk ke kereta BMW yg berlalu seblh ktrg-
mama pun membalas
'kalau nak bercakap punn knp berhenti tgh jalan pastu reverse xtgk blakang plak tuuh?'
balsan nya ialah
'sya xtau. pastu awk pun xhon'
ni aku balas.
'eh! sya hon la uncle@ byk kali!'
uncle tu pun cakap
'owh awk ker? ingtkn istri sya yg hon td'
masa ni ak dah blurr.
biar betik uncle ni!
mama dan uncle tu je yg berbicara,
ak just jd pendengar dan pemerhati yg setia
setelah beberapa ketka,
istri uncle tu pun dtg~
perbincangan pun masih berlaku.

ak rs dlm 5 min gak ar
org tua2x berbicara pasal kete tu.
pastu mama minta num uncle tu
sb nk claim nti repair
uncle tu pun bagi skali ngn num workshop dia
uncle ni kasi syarat ku nk dia bayar
iatu ktrg kn pg ke workshop dia klu nk repair.
byk songeh la plak uncle neh
mama pun malas bhasa n cakap
and sume bersurai

kejadian ini berlaku dalam ujan yg xlebat sgt

tp mama pun ckp
xtau bila nk hntar kete tu ke workshop sb kte tu penting
kete merc xd kat umah sb anta workshop td pagi
so ad stu je r kte kat umah.
so kte civic taley ar pg mna2x
papa lak kat KL
esk bru balik.
masa ni la mcm2x jadi

nilah first time ak eksiden smpi kete kemik
abes record aku sbg pemandu berhemah
aku rsa pengalaman ini memberi pengajaran kpd diriku
apa dia?
aku sendri xtau lagi
bila ak dah dpt mikir aku post lak k?


-a'ai zairi-