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Saturday, December 25, 2010

slesema is flu.

sniff2x. i hate the flu bug. huh. i got mine last Monday. the day that we came back from penang. haih. this is really stressful. sometimes i tak dpt nikmat tarik nafas. know why? coz my nose is blocked. haillaaa. i think this allergies or something. its getting close to the school re-opening date. classic school allergies. haha.

It got worse when last Wednesday the boxes from Machang came and me and mum cleared up some boxes to be put in the kitchen. damn. sneezing like hell on Wednesday. then! mum got this new tea thing. its called Green Tea Colostrum. (click to know more) mum bought this for her coz based on chemah's recommendation, its 'mengenyangkan' and sihat. but~! mum forced me to drink it. hailaa. knw how it taste? like susu org tua type of tase. its tepung-gy and tawar. i thnk it tasted like Anlene. yuck~ i was like, Gagg, SERIOUSLY?!. (going green) and its kinda weird that when u wanna drink it. u have to use warm water (not hot water) and stir it with plastic spoon. weird? yeah. i know. ive been forced to drink it every morn since wednesday. Ack, (green).

these few days mum havent been feeling so good. hurm. Cian mama. mum said tht doc diagnosed that in her blood cholesterol naik. i pun agak confuse disitu but okay. blood cholesterol naik hence, the Green Tea thing. tapi i gak yg kena paksa minum. couldnt understand my mum sometimes. haih. currently, mum is lying down sb tak larat.
ni dh nk masuk musim skolah dah ni. klu mama xsihat lg cmne. adeih. this morn, she was better. and knw wht she did? she washed the porch with the steam vacuum. say whaa...?? bende tu kan berat. so this evening she buat kona baring la. haila. mama ku syg~ tu nasib i tolong gak tu. if i didnt help cmna la~

Owh, funny story. mama yesterday. she asked me to get out of my room and be SEEN! so yea. i went out of the house and lepak with papa at the koi pond (alongside bubu watching from afar). so dlm penat2x tu. mama pun kuar. so it was like a family outing ar
lebey kureng. haha. and that night, mum kicked me out of my room. for the same reasons. so, i went out the room. but i went out and lepak la. pastu, mama masuk bilik tido. say whaaa...???? u wanted me to be SEEN! but then u tidoq camna.........??? mama...oh.....mama.
that is a picture of her with Qayyim. Our couzin. not our youngest brother or anything. haha. among the candid pictures of mama. u know. mum is not a children fave. cz shes kinda garang. tapi! Qayyim ni lain sket. nak plak kat mama mse dlu dia kecik. sgt pelik. hahah.

anyway! this post is about my flu. reverse2x.
about the green tea thing. i think it works a bit. haha. kurang sket mucus nye. tapi the taste is like. UUrrggghHHHH~ GAG. in the mornings, the mucus isnt that bad. at night is when there's alot of mucus. i hate it. huh. maybe coz its cold. sometimes it dawned to me that, if i dont bathe the mucus wouldnt be bad. but then. ew. i still bathe okey!!! just not as long as before and using hot water. nasib papa memahami about anak nya yg xsuka mandi air sejuk. haha. spoiled girl much? no lar~ sume anak papa and mama camtu. (yes im referring to u guys too, kak uda, abg adin and abg ki)

okeyh. tu je utk mlm ni. i think i have crapped enough for everyone to see. haha.