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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

rants by a teen.

OKEH! need to write something or else the blog becomes lifeless. wahaha. about what though? what about this.
what does this word to you? a house? a building? hmmmmmm..........
to me this word means a building that holds memories. it doesnt need to be a big house or even a complete one. its just a building that you think of when people say 'hey, do you miss home?'. i currently have a home and a house.

my home is still at Penang. 2026, ibu pejabat veterinar bukit tengah. :) this is were i first learned how to ride a bike, scratched my knee (big time), talk to animals (hahaha, as if), play ping pong, learn the meanings of friendship. (>_<) i grew up there. i had spent 7 years at that particular house. then i had to move to kelantan. i was really2x emotional everytime i had to pack my stuff away and when i watched my parents clear the house. i remembered, i always procrastinate packing coz in my heart i hoped that my dad changed his mind and didnt want to leave penang. but in the end, it didnt happen that way. we ended up moving anyways. i wrote 'NAZ and FAMILY wuz ERE (1994-2010)' at all the doors efore i leave. i was teary when i left the house. my heart was at the bottom pit of my stomach. i was mostly quiet when i was in the car. so yeah. then i moved to the first house i ever had.

a house. huh. well its actually just a building that i live in it. ahak. kinda harsh but yeah. its just a building. i hated my old house at Cherang'. its so hot and damp. it always had the funky smell that i never got rid of. but then, at one point of a stressful Form 5, i went HOME. Home in kelantan. ahaha. took a long time though. but i still dont like it and i missed my old house dearly. but what to do. my home had already became into someone else's house and home. and this person had turned my white home into his peachy paradise. (say what?!). yeah, he painted the house peachy. (@_@)

okay. that is the cherang house. now im at a new house. now, this time it felt like home. :)
not coz its new but somehow it reminds me of d Home in Penang. but the colour of the house aint really my taste, but yeah. this i can call home. :) maybe coz i dnt really live here so much since im at college now. but you somehow need a nest to come back to rightt..? so yeah. this is a nest for me. compared to the cherang house. this is much better. though, if it was given a choice. id still choose penang. =)

haihs.... ranting without any purpose at late night. when i needed to sleep coz tomorrow is a another day! BUT! i wanna finish writn a post. damn, i should start a ASK ME! column. hahah. coz apparently im d cupid/LOVE Doctor/heartbreak officer/marriage counsellor n friendship beholder. (@_@) yeah. me! apparently, im eay for people to talk to and! i can keep secrets. mwahahahahahaa... so yeah. ima make an ASK ME! or I CAN HELP! column next. haha. kidly comment on my idea. (^_^)v



Raito said...

So you've found your home~

Ah.. a love doctor column. bleh la minx advice.. ;)