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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i wanna write somethng. but i dont know what. ahahaha. im currently in front of my computer, waiting for somethng to download while buffering some vids. haha. yeah, i know it would take a long time if i buffer vids while downloading but im bored! and my kpop supply isnt enough. huhu. Luna princess isnt here remember? (that reminds me, i have got o text oppa on how its going. Dang its taking a long time.) (>_<)

im thinking. what is the purpose of my blog? just a place for me to write stuffs? and what kind of stuffs? i dont exactly put pictures do i? its all in wording. im still a rookie at this but i wanna make it work. i aint perfectionist i like having things the right way. i dont like to just take things easily. a blog is a big responsibility. its a window to a persons soul sometimes when they write about their feelings. (cewaahh) and now, im thinking, is this a window to my feelings? can people actually peek inside my head and see what i had gone through? it sounds a bit philosophical but hey, its just something that i have to know. hmmmm.

right. reverse back to the point of writing a blog. okay, boring people just stick to the norm and write what they are feeling or use a blog as their online and non private journal. but some people wrote fictional stories. now these people are very intresting. instead of knowing WHAT they do or did. we can figure out WHO they are. because writing comes from the heart and mind. it flows like water. good writers can put itty bitty bits of themselves in their pieces of writing. to me when reading a fictional story, im learning to know who is the writer. it doesnt matter whether its a famous book or just someone on a blog writing a simple fantasy story. i like figuring out who the writers are besides knowing the ending of a good book. same thing with someone writing fictional stories on a blog. i sometimes can determine how he/she thinks. unless its someone i know. i just match it with my knowledge of them. :)

im weird. i know. sometimes i can determine someones charater by looking at their shoes! yeah, maybe it could be considered as stereotyping but sometimes i just cant help it! i see a mid 30s lady tutting down the street wearing heels/stilletoes, i think she must be someone in power. married. hardcore. strict. dont let anything get in her way. yeah. abit stereotyping but i dont judge. i used to look or glance ot peoples shoes just for the likes of it. and dont ask me how i judge my boys. first i look at their feet. second is secret. :P

among all the superpowers in the world, i would like to have d mind reading power. (no connections what so ever to the other person). no like seriously, wouldnt it be cool? you would know what the other person is thinking about. then you would know what to say next without hurting him/her. you would be the best daughter/son/friend/dad/mom/boss/colleague/etc2c. fun no? but the downside is. you can NEVER trust anyone. because everyone got their deep and dark secrets or intentions lurking in their minds. if you know whats in their mind then, there is a chance we would be very judgmental when being with the person. 'fun' huh?

would you be popular but hated or invisible but have a few good friends?
yeah. lots of people (that i know) would vote for a few good friends. i would too. but, yeah. being popular is fun. people would know your name and you wouldnt be alone. but truth is, popular people are always alone. they jump from one friend to another each day. which one is true? the one who truly understands? i know. coz i used to be 'popular'. i like the attention but yeah, its confusing sometimes.

yeah. this is just a bored rant from a bored teen with too much time on her hands. i should be sleeping now. its 1.3 AM (local time). most of my friends are asleep. including the particular one. haha. but of course. my brother n sis in law wouldnt be asleep now. it should be 5pm over there. ahaha. like i know. (@_@) like i said. its just some ramblings of a teen that wants to write something meaningful and profitable like Harry Potter or Shopaholic series. hahah. as if?! im not the least talented as they are. okay fine, yes, i can write but just short stories. i cant turn my 3 page fiction to a 1000++ page fiction without it getting boring at some parts. i know, i tried. huhu.

okey! stopping now. maybe?