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Thursday, December 30, 2010

slesema is flu.....2

OKEH! flu sye smkn trukkk. huhu. its getting worse. huhu. maybe its because of the unpacking of the boxes that had arrived last Wed. hmm. maybe. dont worry. i had bought some medication for the flu. BUT! it somehow stopped working. weird? i know! d pharmacist said that its a sleepy pill. so yeah, okay. fine, its sleepy. the first time i ate it. a few moments later i was sleepyyyy and drroowwwwssssyyyy. (@_@) and that night i slept at 11pm. yeah! 11!!!! so i continued eating adn feeling sleepy. (and thus sleeping afterwards. ngee) but lately, i dont feel sleepy anymore and the flu is somehow worse! has it stopped working? haihs.

schools gonna re-open on d 3rd jan. huhu. im not ready for degree! or am i? urgh. feelingless. (>_<) OKeh, smkin tension and pelik. anyway! schools gonna re-open on 3rd so i goin back tmrw (31.12.2010) at 16.45 pm. huhu. i need to find a room to bunk later at the Uni. (@_@). pelik? yeah. alkisahnya begini. our IPG is somehow undergoing upgrade. so d first step is rewiring all the blocks. last semester it was Block C n currently its Block D's turn to move for the rewiring. bad news is, i duno who am i gonna bunk with for a few months! Dang it! haih. last semester, we had a guest in our room. my roomate's classmate. i ddint mind. but during her stay, there were misunderstandings and such. so my roomate couldnt get a bunk too! wait, this is getting off topic. haha. (putting in reverse) SSCCCRRRREEEECCCHHHHH!!!!! anyway! i need to find someplace to bunk!

so, where to? most of my classmates are Block D-ians. huhu. my bad for not expanding my wings to other horizons of friends. not my fault if they're a shut-in group and didnt like spending time or wavelength with teslians. (im not naming names or labelling anyone here ayte. im just saying). but set thngs aside. it is partly my fault. huhu. (okay! maybe mostly my fault). its nice to bunk in a dorm with some of the girls but is it available? truth is. its not. (@_@) so someone nominated the Surau of BLock E. i dont mind really. but, is it proper? we ar not d kind that is quiet or smtg. we r a noisy bunch if i had to say so politely. ergh! that is plan B. what is plan C?? find someone that is willing to take me in her room? who?! (>_<) i feel like living outside with my sis. but its a 30min drive! in the morning. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!!! (>_<) stres2x. Plan E is living outside with my sister. haih. its a good idea but i hope it doesnt come to that. (yet)

*sniff2x. after a few days of kemas2x and unpacking the stuffs in boxes. the house looks like we just moved in. (@_@) honestly! how are you gonna fit a 2-story bungalow full of stuff to a 1-story bungalow? we've got loadddssss of stuffs. okay~ correction. mum and dad has a lot of stuffs. Mum has a lot of cooking stuffs that she rarely use. everytime that i say. 'buang la bnda tu, mama mne guna pun' mum would reply 'eeehhh~!!! mne boleh. dulu mama guna tau'. and here is where i go 'okay ma. u said it. dlu, mama guna. skg??'. then mama senyap and said 'alah, simpan je lah. nti pencen mama guna balik.' (=___="") addeehh. besides that mum has alot of glassware! really! she has 4-5 complete sets! OMG~ which she havnt even used yet. atoih. sometime during the unpacking. it came to me 'am i gona be like mom...?!' OMGGGG~!!!!! i shud start saving for a big house! ngaaa... (O_O) now to dad. dad has alot of this nostalgic stuffs like trophies, n medals n souvenirs from everywhere n anywhere from the world. its amazing! huh. and he has a collection of letters from i dont even know who! haihs. mum wouldnt let me read it. its somehow classified for me. pelik? yeah. i know.

owh. another thing that is a lot in this house. BOOKS! we have like 5-6 boxes of books only! say whhaaa..?? yeah. 5-6 BOXES. come to think of it. there might be more of em. hmm. that shows how bookaholic the chldren of Mohd Zairi and Wan Norziah. back at Penang we had TWO BOOKSHELVES that can place all the books but now we dont. so where do we put them? in shelves of course! but not together. we have 3 book spots in this house. haha. kinda funny when u thnk about it. haha. i love my books. iu really do. when i found a book that i had once read and it was awesome. i coulnd help myself in reading a bit of it. (even when i was supposed to be packing the things) urgh. its a gift and a curse to read fast. dang! two of the biggest bookaholics in this house is my sister and me. so, the books are kinda mostly ours. haha. i had already chose the books that i wanted to keep so im fine when dad said he wanted to give the books away. but then my sis wants her books too! (=_=") so yeah, i had to sort it out again. i think we had to give away at least half of the books. huhu. sad. :( hmm. but, most of the books are enid blython books and mystery novels. it aint my thing as much so. yeah. it doesnt bother mw much. haha. although, it hurts to see them go. :(

i think my tagline for 2011 is
'Pelik? yeah. i know.'
'okay~ is not what i was looking for but OKAY!'

and the name a'ai needs to stick! haih. kinda bored of the name ain. (>_<) nothng is wrong with the name. please. i like my name. its just kinda too common. huhu. i gotta be unique. i gotta be me. not mom. or abg adin. or even my sister. hmm. i currently dont thnk i have and identity. not yet anyway. i gotta write my name in history. but how?! haihs.

A'ai Zairi, Type-OFF~
(usually people write pen off but yeah, im typing so its Type -Off. or something in between. im getting wacko. (@_@))


Raito said...

'Pelik? yeah. i know.'
haha~ noticed that... =p