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Monday, January 24, 2011


YOSH~ its time for me to speak on an subject or word. and the word of the day is.


okey! Confidence is a type of Kueh that is made from a flour that is called the Bravery Flour and eaten by itself but also can be dipped in the sauce of sauciness. XD hehe. get it? okey! im done! hahaha. naw, im just kidding.

Aahhhh. So therefore, what do YOU understand from this extract? Do you understand? At all? YES? No? YYEEsSsNNO? Hmm. Honestly, even I don’t. haha. Okey~ lets change this. Confidence is really when a person is confiding or believing in something. How bout that? Better? Hmm. I think so too. I hope that I don’t deviate from the original meaning tho. Hmmmm. NEXT STEP!

right. now when we have understood the meaninng lets see whats next. how to be confident?
yeah. lotsa people ask me this question. (as they believe i am brave and confidence oozes out from my pores. Yes, i am exagerating) Actually, everyone has an ounce of confidence in them. its just needs the right tuning and the right exercise to bring it out. when i was a kid, i think i used to be shy coz i was friends wit a popular girl in school. anyway! i tried copying her at first. how she talked and walked. so yeah. thats how i adapted and also became among the known girls in school. (mind you. this is primary school and i wasnt taht popular) i was just known by the people in my own click. huh. my bestie was even more popular coz she was cuter and prettier. hmm. okay. this is getting depressing. huh. okey! so yeah. thats how i learnt how to be confident. by watching people. NOT BY COPYING MIND YOU! (eventhough the story sounds like it)

anyway. back to the confidence topic. i believe in order to have confidence, you need to have bravery. haha. but if you are already brave, confidence comes easy. but if you already have confidence, its not easy to have bravery. so, compared to confidence, to me, i think bravery is the quality that we need. we need to be brave to get the information we need and when we are brave in doing it. agree? no? hmm.. lets make it this way.

premise 1: you need to be brave to get confidence
premise 2: Confidence is nothing without Bravery
CONCLUSION: Bravery and confidence are tightly connected.

yosh?~ yes? no? hehehe. ayte. my eye is really2x red now. huh. (>_<) its scaring me and thus i have to sleep early. huhu. although, this discussion is not even over yet. huh. gomen! oh yea. i am ZORRA! will explain later.

Zorra OUTz!


mizu-KDRI said...

don't worry.. i'm sure the readers will get ur point..
hurm~ nice