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Thursday, January 13, 2011

pilihan raya JPP tahun 2011

wah3x~! im very3x full. hoho. just finished eating pizza with akak and papa at home and then i drove back to IPG and also suffing my face with an apple. therefore, im feeling sleepy and very100x stuffed. hua3x. not often that i get to feel this way. ngeee~. anyway! refering to the title above, today was the vote casting of the JPP of IPG KPI for 2011/2012. hmmmm. to answer your question whether i participate the answer is no. agagaa. but why am i so keen on discussing this subject? aaahhh~ keep on reading.

JPP stands for Jabatan Perwakilan Pelajar. (or is it Jawatan? hmm.) for other colleges its MPP, Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar. this group is established to take care the students benefits and stand up for the voice of the students. sounds very awesome (and a lot of work) yeah? answer: yes and no. Yes because its awesome to get the experience in handling paperworks and the higher authorities. to learn about protocols and everything. but no so awesome when the commitment is too much for a simple person. if a person is a JPP or MPP, their image is squeaky clean. i mean, top scorers, overachievers and good speakers. the ones that are tough. ugh. even defining these people are hard. weird thing is, i wanted to be one of them. pelik? yeah. tell me about it.

why do i even want to get involved with this type of people? being a JPP is hard work especially when you're in degree! theres lotsa10x work to be done! but like i said before being a JPP is not just the glamor but its about standing up for the rights of the students. i would really100x like to represent the minorities. especially the Tesl group. haih. not to say that we are discriminated or something but we are pushed aside abit in events. (>_<) its a bit of a downer but i dont really mind as much but justice is justice. they have got to see (and FINALLY) realize that even though that we are Teslians, doesnt mean that we are 'social' or 'terlalu bebas'. we have a religion too. for the record, its the same as yours. ISLAM.

many asked why i just talk the talk and not walk the walk about this JPP thing. its because i am not ready! like i said its a full time job! and academic studies come first than curriculum. i didnt do well when i was in foundation. (Boohoo! T_T) i have got to get my grades up and steady first then only i can feel comfortable juggling studies and curriculum. Ah, one more reason that i didnt join is because of An-Nur. =) i like being in An-Nur. FYI, An-Nur is this IPG's annual mag. it makes me feel important and yet the commitment is there but not as intense as JPP (obviously). i was.. (ops) am a reporter for the mag. teehee. i like it very much. its just sometimes writing in BM is not my strong point. Gimme an event to write in English and i can finish it up in a jiffy but in BM. ugh. Practice,PRActice,PRACTICE! (@_@) this is i think i want to continue being in the An-Nur. just maybe not a reporter. maybe ill change to unit penulisan. hmmmmm. that sounds good too. =)

damn. my money is getting lower-lower-lower and lower. (>_<) how am i gonna afford the Apad?!! ugh!! really, i have got to do something. like maybe, looking for a partime job that dont use much of my time but pay is not too bad. or sell something precious. this is. i dont have anything precious. my stuffs are just normal stuffs. i dont think that people would actuallu want a 2year old pnk mp3 or stuffs like that? (@_@) help2x! i can do translating jobs or simple tutoring. heck i could babaysit!! seriously! help me make money so that i can stop thinking of the incident that happend last wednesday! really!!!! im a bit freaked out here since im sometimes thinking of taking that offer. and then my subconscious would slap me back to reality and say 'its sreriously not worth it! and its going to be bogus!' arrgghh! HELP! money is the only thing on my mind now. ive been thinking of skipping meals just to save rm5 from my budget. ugh. when i get my allowance thats what im gonna do. just eat once a day to keep track on things. hmmm. problem is. Can i do it? YES I CAN! YEAH! CHAIYOK2X! GOOD LUCK A'AI!

okeyh. its already 11.30pm. and tomorrow is a friday. tempted to wake up late but obviously i cant. muahahah~ but classes are gonna end early tho. maybe i ll post another post tomorrow. hmm. new years resolution. POST BLOG AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK! mwahaha!! Good night all! salam.



Pisyek said...

er, nais banner.. hehe...

Raito said...

Its jawatankuasa kot~
hurm.. curious..