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Saturday, January 1, 2011

new years present.

i fell down and scratched my knee.

huhu. :( yea, how unfortunate right? actually this happened on 31st dec 2010. i fell down at a Petronas Gas Station. huk3x. :( yeah it hurts.
not a good strt to 2011, when my knee aches evrytime i move. but its getting better now. Alhamdulillah.

tomorrow is another of relaxing at home.
i dont mind really. Frankly, i dont feel like going bac to school. huhu. even my sleeping arrangement is not settled yet. (>_<) i called my seniors, juniors and also colleagues. huh. there aint got a place free! dang it. Grrrrrr. oh well. lets just hope that Plan A works so that i dont have to find a room at last minute. (>_<) Plan C is where i stay at home with kakak. i dont mind staying with kakak (and abg) but! its the distance that bothers me. huh. its 30mins away!! im not a morning person. and the guards are strict. dang it. its like school man! and3x, if i stay outside id be far from my friends and group discussions! urghh. thats bad for me. coz i gotta be among top 3 or d leaast top 5 among the teslians. huh. currently, im not key? im just among the average.

goodness. i need more money! like seriously!! i really2x want an iPhone. or an iPad. (>_<) the iphone is the top thing that i want now. i had been pining over it for 2years now. and yesterday when i got in contact with an iPad. aaahhhh~~ i want it too!! i dont really mind if its a clone or not but its still awesome! i like the touch technology. its so slick. its takes the expression 'its at the tip of my fingers' to a whole new level! someone called me a noob for wanting an iPhone. he said only an idiot buys the iPhone coz the most used app that we use is the text message and call. yes true! but its still helpful to have a lot of diffrent apps right? come on! its technology! if u dnt use it so what?? its still there! yr the noob!! ergh! really2x geram with him when he said that. yeah. hes the techcy type of dude. so what? i want it. aku guna dwet kaw ke??! ERGHHH!!

hmm. how do i earn more money eh? i mean. i cant do a business during my studies. it gotta be hush2x. and simple. (>_<) how2x?! errghhhh. i thought of doing a translating gig. hows that? i can translate BM papers to English or the other way around. hehe. thats a gud idea right? or2x. i can type assignments. just type not do the assignment. thats too much. im not that smart. but then if it clashes with my assignmnts thats gonna be hard for me. i wouldnt be able to sleep at night and believe me. I GOTTA SLEEP. ergh. this shucks. not having money. aahh.... another idea just came to me. writing! write stories and sendd them to the local news or something.. that gotta mean some bucks right? hmmm. dad used to do it. why not me?! but when i experience the writer's block its not pretty. my writing get quite bad. owh, and i cant write facts. dang it. its a curse. (>_<)

haihs. what to write? see. im having the block now.
stopping now~
the new era of A'ai Zairi starts now~

A'ai Zairi