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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Hobby??

Hahahahaa.... shocked? pelik? yeah. i know~ i have been exploring some sites for a long time now but lately (meaning 5-6 hours ago) my new rumet and kak ira had shown me a few intresting techniques on how to edit a few picts. haha. pastu i tgk~ wa... sng jer!! hoho. so i went bck to my room and start editing again. using Picnik and Photoscape. hmm. i thnk Photoscape is interesting but not much choices wheres Picnik is simple yet clean. heheh. dont understand? me either. XD
so yeah. u guys wanna take a look at my works for the past hours? heheh. kindly comment coz i know. its not all that. im just learning. huhu.

pict 1: Photoscape
pict 2: Picnik
Pict 3: Photoscape
Pict 4: photoscape

Pict 5: Picnik
Pict 6: Picnik

p/s: the banner for my blog was made in 10mins using Photoscape. yeah. nasib gamabr tu comel. ngeee....

Yes2x. tghe picts are kinda small. so what? it mine! segan la buat besar2x. huhu. im not gorgeous. im just average. :) hmmm. so yeah. sementara ad feel nk edit pictures ni, i wanna do it right. hehe. nothing professional but just the knowledge is just fine with me.

ah, today i went to UPM's Library. whoa! a bit culture shcock coz its big! and HUGE! a vast difference compared to ours. huh. and the references?!! OMG! our assignments would be easier to do if the library is like theirs. huh. *jealous. (>_<)

BUT! thats not exactly the point that i want to say here. hmmm. i want a DSLR camera!!! (>_<) huhuuhu. another nafsu. huhu. coz the pictures taken are sooooooo~~ pretty! ngee... and its uuhhh... so professional looking. :). see i told u that its lust! i cant even describe why i want it! @_@ besides im just rambling some silly stuff at night. oh well. this is me. random ranter. haha.
ok2x. better stop now.

TO RAITO: thank you for your comment, yes i will try to tackle the topic confidence when i have something to wirte about it.

A'ai Zairi Outs~!