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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keep your mouth shut!

salam. ugh. i have to seriously lay low and keep my mouth shut at times! gawd! @_@
i just came back from a meeting with the exco kebudayaan. owh, remember my last post about joining the JPP? well i got the next best thing. i was elected to be one of the AJK's of the kebudayaan dan kesenian unit. what we do? uhhh. mostly on cultural and arts. yeah. hmmm. anyway! apparently, coz of my big mouth and well known face (eceh, well known ke? perasan! X_x) i got the job of vice secretary. uh. lucky2x me. and guess what too?! i am the only muslimah from my batch! all the other muslimah's are seniors!! ugh. thank gawd there are 2 boys who are my batch. (>_<) alhamdulillah, my burden was also lifted a bit by having a good and hardworking secretary working above me. a guy though, but i know him. he is a responsible person. he should be. i dont mind doing the work but he has got to some of it. (if he does all the work is fine with me too! agaga)

back to keeping my mouth shut. i was among the ones just now that were noisy with my opinions and comments and etc. i think that they are annoyed with me or something! aaarrggh! what to do?! its my nature to say something when people dont. kindly stop giving me the look! (>_<) huhu. i feel sometimes i speak when it is inappropriate. like just now. i cut in when someone was talking. ugh! bad habit! bad a'ai! bad bad BAD A'ai! huhu. i have got to learn on how to speak correctly eventhough you are close to the person who was talking. cutting people when they are speaking is rude!! argh! transform!!!

okey~ kinda getting tired now huhu. no wonder its 12.30 AM. O_O
i had a brief exercise just now. i ate under 2 mins. (thank gawd its kuey tiaw sup), changed attire and ran to the meeting room! (all under 10mins) but the i realised! the meeting was at 945PM not 915PM! i was early by half an hour! say whaa?? i read the message wrongly. dang it! so i went back to my ipg, took a bath, prayed and at the same time charge my fon. and then! at 940 i walked slowly to the meeting room. Guess what! i arrived 945Pm, and i was still among the early people! OMG~~ O_O seriously! people have got to work on the time management skills! early is ok. but being 15mins late is somehow unacceptable. ugh.

meeting and meeting. start lambat and habis pun lambat. menci! try buat cmni. meeting start on time habis pun on time. kan syiok? time management is crucial! something that we malaysians somehow tend to forget to do or forget to teach their children. to me 5mins late is okay. but more than that? adoi. muka i dah masam. sorry lah. :P

kk, its getting late. nyuu. tired?? yes. went jalan2x xhengat dwet xdek. (>_<)
nyte2x sume! salam.