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Saturday, April 28, 2012

movie review: the avengers

Salam sume. This is my first movie review. Hehe. Im a movie lover but i xslalu comment abt it. Heh. Anyway, the movie is downright awesome. Simpky awesome. I watched it in 3D plak tu. The effects are seriously awesome. (Bykny kegunaan awesome.?)

But this movie sort of highlights on the two heroes: iron man n hulk. Biasala thr must be a seen hero right.? If yu thnk tht iron man is overated thn yu.d be scoffing the whole time. But hes sweet tho, when hes with miss pottz. His lover. Hurm. Ah. Be warned.! Theres a death in this movie. I choked when he died. Not telling who but be prepared. Huhu. Oh well. They needed the push. :p

I watched this muvi with bie n mak jemah. Hehe. Why.? Hurm. I didnt evn know. On impulse.? Oh well. The movie was nice and worth it. Keh3x. Kk. Im out. Esk ad bengkel komik. Exited.! ^_^ Zairi

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

hari yang mncabar

Hyep sume. First time bloging from my fon. Hehe. Wakopun mhl sb xd wifi kat kls. But seyes nak ngdu. I just came back from HEP. And he said our appication to get out is offically ccancelled.


Huhu. After all the drama. In d end ktrg xdpt kuar gak.? Seyesly.? Like. Ugh. Sgt1000x kecewa. Now we hv to stay inside n deal with d things in d asrama. Huh. Dahla asrama x selamat skg. Pecah masukla. Anjing la. Pak guard la. I just dont find it safe anymore.

I hate this. I really.really do. Now nk cr tmpt utk release tension. Oppa, where r u.? :( zairi

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Can you type fast?

yes. i consider myself a fast typer. but there are more people that type faster than i do.

love and relationship. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

love and relationship. :)

Do you fall asleep easily?


love and relationship. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Do you tell your best friend everything?

uh. no. im sort of a private person.

love and relationship. :)

neko sensei

hehe. my last SBE was at SK Jalan 3, Bangi. so one of the days i became a bit mengada and became NEKO SENSEI!

one of the reasons being that the song that i needed to sing that day was about pussycats. 
but evn the class was almost a disaster but the ears survived! 

A'ai Zairi

Friday, April 20, 2012

koleksi gambo fasstrain 4

ni antara koleksi gambo fasstrain 4 :)
credit to Afiq

koleksi first day. :)




 abaikan muka buruk aku. tp ni supper 1st day
bro sham yg ad charisma yg sgt tinggi. first time dgr dia ckp trus dah. pergh! KAGUM 

first meeting ngn bro sham 

adik zul tunjuk tepuk semangat 

ha. xpasal2x ak kn TKD dpn org yg ak xknl. 


sesungguhnya berani itu unik 

 solat xlupa

kak nisa yg shweet!!!!!!

operasi cr group 

bro daud/poengarah prgm fass4 

 raihan yg comel. tp sgt penyibuk.

bro F n mak jemah. (ush tnye)

operasi bt modul 

 macho kah.?
 exercise pgi2

 ha... game ni...
 operasi pembulian yg sgt dahsyat!
 kak ain yg shwett~ *loves*
 exercise ptg
 caterpiller yg gile sakit
 abaikan pose yg gedik itu
 mak jemah
 ketua org asli
 super sixers bt sumpit.?
 berdiri sedia~!
 tekun dgr
 katara ak letih
 kak ain yg comel
 hurm. no comment
 no comment 2

yg gmbr mkn xd gmbr wanita sb photog laki. xkn la nk tngkap gmbr wanita. hehe 
so pdn la muka korang.!

fasstrain 4 sgt best!
hope dpt join lgi!