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Saturday, April 28, 2012

movie review: the avengers

Salam sume. This is my first movie review. Hehe. Im a movie lover but i xslalu comment abt it. Heh. Anyway, the movie is downright awesome. Simpky awesome. I watched it in 3D plak tu. The effects are seriously awesome. (Bykny kegunaan awesome.?)

But this movie sort of highlights on the two heroes: iron man n hulk. Biasala thr must be a seen hero right.? If yu thnk tht iron man is overated thn yu.d be scoffing the whole time. But hes sweet tho, when hes with miss pottz. His lover. Hurm. Ah. Be warned.! Theres a death in this movie. I choked when he died. Not telling who but be prepared. Huhu. Oh well. They needed the push. :p

I watched this muvi with bie n mak jemah. Hehe. Why.? Hurm. I didnt evn know. On impulse.? Oh well. The movie was nice and worth it. Keh3x. Kk. Im out. Esk ad bengkel komik. Exited.! ^_^ Zairi

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