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Thursday, April 26, 2012

hari yang mncabar

Hyep sume. First time bloging from my fon. Hehe. Wakopun mhl sb xd wifi kat kls. But seyes nak ngdu. I just came back from HEP. And he said our appication to get out is offically ccancelled.


Huhu. After all the drama. In d end ktrg xdpt kuar gak.? Seyesly.? Like. Ugh. Sgt1000x kecewa. Now we hv to stay inside n deal with d things in d asrama. Huh. Dahla asrama x selamat skg. Pecah masukla. Anjing la. Pak guard la. I just dont find it safe anymore.

I hate this. I really.really do. Now nk cr tmpt utk release tension. Oppa, where r u.? :( zairi

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Pisyek Kumar said...

er, pak gad?

A'ai Zairi said...

yup. pak guard yg perangai seperti *beep*