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Friday, October 5, 2012

princess and the frog (reinvented)

this is actually a class presentation that our lecturer made us do. i enjoyed it quite a lot as it lets me be free in writing what i want. his piece of writing is written by me and miss Shira, a genious with words. i hate her so much for that. hahah. enjoy.!

The Princess and the Frog

1.How can you toss a golden ball?
-It’s freaking heavy!!
2.The frog is so small, how can it leap from the bottom of a well to the mouth of the well?
–Logically, a real frog can’t.
3.How can it carry a heavy golden ball?
–It’s a freaking frog! It doesn’t have hands or feet!
4.What makes the that specific ‘golden ball’ so special?
–Her dad is still the king and pretty alive. He is capable of buying a new ‘golden ball’
5.How can the princess trust the frog so easily?
–It’s a talking frog and suddenly appear. It is too unbelievable.
6.Why does the king easily obey the frogs wishes?
–Its ‘frog’. (REALLY.??)
7. Why the king so easy in letting a frog sleep with his daughter in his palace in HER ROOM?

Hearing a loud knock, she woke up feeling annoyed as someone had disturbed her beauty sleep. Opening her eyes, groggily , she realized that she was actually in a different place rather than her pink sparkly room. Feeling rather abashed, she looked around and eventually realized that the loud knock was from her father who was in the next cell calling out for help.  As she about to call her father to stop the racket so she could figure out why and how and what happened, light footsteps were heard coming down the stairs toward their direction. To her surprise, it was the frog. She was elated to see the frog as she thought the frog once again had come to save her from her misery. Turns out that the frog laughed maniacally when he reached her cell. “why are you laughing? You’re supposed to help me and my father!” cried the princess.The frog replied “Oh dear princess, why are you so oblivious to the fact that you haven’t realized that I’m actually a SPY to overthrow your country?” It turns out the frog was a SPY from the neighbouring country that was out to get the kingdom. The princess and king was drugged so that they wouldn’t realize that the frog sneaks around the castle. The frog’s job was to steal the king’s official stamp, so that the king of the neighbouring country can stamp on the agreement. All the properties owned by the kingdom would change hands to the neighbouring country once the agreement was stamped. In the end, the king, the princess and all the people inside the palace became the servants in the neighbouring country.
(well its still a happy ending for the neighbouring country. LOL)
 Moral Value: Do NOT easily trust others. Especially a talking FROG 

A'ai Zairi